queen_mab126 (queen_mab126) wrote in blaine_sam,

Title: It won't be the day. [Someday I'll hope again] 1/2
Author: Queen_mab
Summary: He needs to know, he needs to delve into this, otherwise Sam will drown because he was too afraid to plunge head first into the dark water to try and save him.
Rating: M, dark theme: eating disorders
Pairing: Sam/Blaine
Author's note: This has been going in my mind for quite a few weeks now. It struck me when I was watching that Glee episode how obvious they made Sam's eating disorder, yet they dropped it off and never picked it up again. It is a matter I hold very close, because I have been suffering with one for many years now. The story is heavy, hence the reating, and I didn't hold back. Sam's behaviour is as close to realistic as you can get, because I do know first hand what goes on in this cases. Almost every time Ed needs to be displayed, it's always skinny teen age girls who were called fat. While those girls are sufferers, most of our pain doesn't show. A lot of us are actually a healthy weight, we don't lose everything in life, we try as hard as we can to keep up with everything and it feels like drowning. Because this thing is like a monster that eats away at you from the inside.
writing this has been therapeutic, I hope it is enjoyable as well.
Tags: media: fic, rating: r
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