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Title: Under the Christmas Tree
Author: kaitlia777
Author's e-mail/website: kaitlia777@yahoo.com
Fandom: Glee
Summary: Prompt: Blaine lay under the brightly decorated Christmas tree, waiting for his boyfriend Sam to get home from a busy day at work. He was wearing only a Santa hat and some tight red briefs and the smell of gingerbread was heavy in the air from the cookies in the oven.
Type / Pairings: Blaine Anderson/Sam Evans
Main characters:
Rating: M
Warnings: Sexy times within!
Spoilers: If it’s aired in the US, then it’s fair game!
Beta: N/A
Disclaimer: Don’t own any of the recognizable character, just taking them out to play!

Stretched out under the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree, Blaine sighed and relaxed on the thick blankets he’d arranged on the hardwood floor. A fire crackled merrily in the tiny hearth and the scent of gingerbread filled the air, wafting in from the kitchen and adding to the festive atmosphere of Christmas Eve.

Which made his current attire, snug, holly red Calvin Klein boxer briefs and a Santa hat appropriate attire.

Sam had texted minutes earlier, letting him know he’d be home soon, having just gotten off of the train. He’d pulled a double shift at the hospital and sounded pretty tired, though eager for the day off tomorrow. Unlike Blaine, who was in his senior year at NYADA, Sam had finished his LPN program and was working as a Nurse at Beth Israel while accumulating credits toward his RN. Having a real, grown up job meant he didn’t get a long break for the holiday, so they were going to savor their time together.

Starting tonight.

Hearing the key turning in the lock, Blaine smiled and propped himself up on his elbows, looking toward the door.

Wrapped in his winter coat, Sam shuffled into the warm apartment, cheeks flushed with cold and hair wind blown. He went about his routine of locking the door and shedding his jacket, calling out, “Blaine, you still up? It’s snowing! Guess we’re going to….”

His voice trailed off when he turned and caught sight of Blaine sprawled out in the living room.

“Merry Christmas, baby,” Blaine quipped, grinning at the expressions flitting across Sam’s face. Surprise, pleasure, lust, love, they were all there as Sam kicked off his boots and strode toward him. He was wearing jeans and a Henley, not his usual scrubs, which told Blaine he’d probably taken a quick shower before leaving the hospital.

Dropping to his knees, Sam crawled onto the blanket beside Blaine, saying, “Well, this is a nice surprise.”

Blaine grinned at him and reached out, drawing Sam close for a sweet, welcoming kiss, lips brushing and parting slightly as his fingers curled around Sam’s shoulders, tugging on his shirt. When Sam sighed happily, Blaine tilted his head, tip of his tongue just barely sliding out to dance over Sam’s upper lip. He let out a low sound of contentment, a noise Blaine never tired of hearing, and cupped the back of Blaine’s neck as though to draw him impossibly closer.

He loved kissing Sam like this, slow and warm, tasting each other’s mouths as their hands explored with no real destination. In the past, they’d spent hours doing just this….

Tonight though, the time rang in the kitchen and Blaine pulled himself away with a groan. Sam
pouted, but allowed Blaine to climb to his feet, remaining sprawled on the blanket.

“I just have to take the cookies out of the oven,” Blaine assured him, hurrying to the kitchen and wincing at the cool tile under his bare feet.

The cookies were perfect and he made quick work of transferring them to a cooling rack, knowing they could handle decorating them in the morning…if they lasted that long. Holidays were some of the rare occasions Sam allowed himself to indulge in sweets, so they tended to disappear quickly.

Padding back into the living room, Blaine grinned to see that Sam had taken the initiative to shed his street clothes and was stretched out in nothing but red and green plaid boxers. “You’re in the Christmas spirit too, I see,” he said, lowering himself down to stretch out atop the taller man, knees on either side of his hips as he stole a quick kiss.

“Ho Ho Ho,” Sam replied happily, wrapping his arms around Blaine and trying to pull him back in for another kiss.

With a grin, Blaine caught his hands and pressed them down onto the comforter on either side of his head. “Uh uh,” he chided and Sam’s raised eyebrow. “You have had a long day. Just let me do this, okay?”

Sam nodded quickly, eyes filled with trust, anticipation, curiosity and love.

It was the love that always took Blaine’s breath away.

Gently squeezing Sam’s wrists, he allowed his fingers to trail down long, strong arms, tracing the dips and rises of muscle. When he reached his shoulders, Blaine leaned in, mouthing a trail down Sam’s chest to nibble on pink nipples, first one then the other. Beneath him, Sam moaned softly, shifting and Blaine could feel his hard length pressing up at him in search of friction.

Continuing the journey south, he paid careful attention to the contours of Sam’s abs, as impressively defined as ever. While his tongue and lips were busy, his hands made quick work of Sam’s boxers, tugging them down his legs and out of the way.

Eventually, after he thought he’d spent enough time licking along the iliac crest, Blaine’s fingers found their way to Sam’s thick cock. Being gentle, knowing how sensitive Sam could be, he lapped the wet drop of cum from the tip of it, making a little show of licking his own lips after. Sam groaned deep in his chest which only encouraged Blaine to tongue at the head of Sam’s cock again, sucking deeper and deeper until he felt it nudging the back of his throat. He pulled back before swallowing him again, humming around his girth and tearing a high keening sound from Sam.

Releasing him, Blaine spent a few moments lapping around the tight sac, each one full and heavy as he sucked them into his mouth. By that point, Sam was more or less incoherent, gasping and moaning, only occasionally managing to get out a strangled version of Blaine’s name.

More than a little worked up himself, Blaine eventually pulled away and shucked his briefs, fishing around in the blankets for the lube he’d stashed there earlier. Sam’s eyes gleamed as he watched Blaine drizzle some of the slick onto his cock and then his own fingers. When he reached around to slide two fingers into his own ass, Blaine watched Sam follow his movements greedily and rocked onto his own hand.

Sam’s hands twitched beside his head, balling into fist and Blaine knew it was an effort for him not to reach out, not to grab hold of Blaine, not to caress and try to pour his emotions out through touch. It was a tempting idea, but Blaine shook his head and said, “Not yet, baby. Soon.”

Removing his fingers from inside his body, Blaine wrapped a hand around Sam’s cock, pumping his fist to ensure the lube coated it well, as he positioned himself and began to slide down onto Sam, inch by inch, until his ass settled in the cradle of Sam’s hips. It was almost too good after all the teasing and Blaine let himself fall forward, stretching to kiss Sam, tongues meeting in a languid caress. Slowly, steadily, he fucked himself on Sam, not even bothering to bite back the soft cries that kept escaping from his mouth.

It wouldn’t be long for either of them, Blaine knew, looking down at Sam writhing beneath him, skin flushed pink, lips swollen and open as he moaned a steady stream of gibberish. The sight was Blaine’s undoing and he scrambled to get a hand on his own cock, stroking himself as he came, painting Sam’s abs with streaks of cum.

Panting and shaking, Blaine looked down into Sam’s eyes, pupils blown wide with lust, barely and green visible anymore. He was whimpering a bit, hips thrusting up into Blaine, but he didn’t have the right leverage, so Blaine planted his hands on Sam’s chest and continued to slide his body up and down on Sam, keeping a relentless pace, until Sam cried out and began to climax, body shuddering under and inside Blaine.

“Touch me, Sam,” he murmured, garnering an immediate reaction. Sam’s hands flew to his hips, holding him in place as he thrust up and into Blaine, riding out his orgasm until they both collapsed, Blaine falling forward onto Sam’s chest.

Still breathing hard, Blaine kissed whatever skin he could reach, licking up Sam’s shoulder and neck to sloppily mouth at his stubbled jaw. Sam sighed happily and tilted his head down for a kiss. “Can this be a new Christmas tradition?” he asked, smiling against Blaine’s lips and cuddling him close.

“I like that plan,” Blaine replied, tucking his head under Sam’s chin with a sigh.

Eventually, they’d have to get up and find their way to their bed, but, for the moment, snuggling under the tree in the wee hours of Christmas morning seemed a far more appealing idea.

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Title: At First Sight
Author: kaitlia777
Author's e-mail/website: kaitlia777@yahoo.com
Fandom: Glee
Summary: Written for Day 2 of A Very Blam Christmas ~ Theme: Dalton!Blam
Type / Pairings: Blaine Anderson/Sam Evans
Main characters: Blaine Anderson, Sam Evans
Rating: PG
Warnings: Mentions off screen violence
Spoilers: If it’s aired in the US, then it’s fair game!
Beta: N/A
Disclaimer: Don’t own any of the recognizable character, just taking them out to play!

Sam had always believed in the idea of love at first sight, but he had no real life frame of reference for the concept until the day he met his new roommate. Though many boys without roommates preferred it that way, Sam had been quite pleased to be assigned someone when a new boy transferred to Dalton halfway through November of their freshman year.

Though he knew the boy was coming, he was surprised to return to his room after classes to find someone sitting on the previously unoccupied bed. The boy was small, with dark hair, a black guy and a split lip.

He looked up when Sam entered, a flash of fear in really pretty, brandy brown eyes and Sam felt like someone had grabbed his heart and squeezed. He knew the feeling, but this was far more intense and immediate than the crush he'd nursed on Emily Mae last year at his old school. The fact that it was a boy making him feel that way didn’t register as significant to him, as his parents had raised him to believe that other things were more important.

“Dude, what happened?” he asked, mouth engaging before he could be more tactful.

The other boy blinked, coal dark lashes fanning smooth cheeks. “I was beaten up.”

The statement made Sam feel a surge of protectiveness for the boy. He didn't really know why (he wouldn't be much help in a fight, skinny as a reed, but thank God he finally had a growth spurt and his shoulders were showing signs of filling out), but thankfully his brain to mouth filter engaged long enough to keep him from saying anything too stupid. “That sucks,” he simply offered. “I'm Sam Evans.”

“Blaine Anderson,” the other boy replied, biting his lip and wincing when it pulled at the scab.

“I’ve got something for that,” Sam said, crossing to his desk and opening a drawer to rifle around and find an unopened Chapstick. “It's medicated to help with cracked lips.”

He extended the tube to Blaine, who took it carefully. “Thanks,” he replied, fingers curling around the lip balm, a pensive expression on his face. “Look, there’s something I should probably tell you….”

His voice trailed off and Sam dumped his book bag onto his desk chair. “What's on your mind? We’re going to be living on top of each other for the next year, maybe longer if we get along, so you might as well just spit it out.”

Those eyes peered at him piercingly. “I'm gay.”

Sam blinked. “Oh…Is that it? Dude, from the way you were fidgeting I thought you were going to tell me something like you can't sleep without blaring Norwegian death metal!”

“You don't have a problem with the fact that I'm gay?”

“No, why would I?” Sam replied, honestly confused until something clicked. “Shit. Someone beat you up because….”

Sam had seen that happen once before, years ago. He’d been out with his father and they’d left the ice cream shop to see three teenagers punching another couple of boys. His father had waded into the fray and sent the bullies running before making sure the others were okay.

Later, Sam had asked why they were fighting and his father had told him that some people were small minded and didn’t accept that some boys liked boy or some girls liked girl. He said love was love no matter who you loved and, above all, God loved everyone. Anyone who said different wasn’t worth listening to.

“Yeah,” Blaine muttered, shoulders slumping a bit and he somehow looked even tinier which made Sam's jaw clench.

“It's cool,” he blurted, maybe a little too loud considering how Blaine jumped. “I mean, you're what, 14? Me too, but you know yourself. Me, I look in a mirror and I have no idea who I am, still waiting for the day when my mutant powers arrive and I become who I'm supposed to be. Not that I think I’m a mutant or anything, but wouldn't that be awesome…and now you probably think I'm the biggest dork ever….”

“No!” Blaine said quickly, a hint of a smile crossing his face. “I get it. I'd totally love to be Wolverine.”

“Me too,” Sam agreed, then tentatively asked, “Have you heard this new X-Men movie coming out in 2011?”

That got an enthusiastic nod. “And Captain America.”

“Yes! Are you into the comics too, or just the movies, cuz there's this shop in town….”

It might've been a cliché, but his Blaine grinned at him, brightening as they discovered more common interests, Sam thought to himself, This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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Title: Not into Lables
Author: kaitlia777
Author's e-mail/website: kaitlia777@yahoo.com
Fandom: Glee
Summary: Written for Day 3 of A Very Blam Christmas ~ Theme: OT3
Type / Pairings: Blaine Anderson/Sam Evans/Brittany S. Pierce
Main characters: Blaine Anderson, Sam Evans
Rating: M
Warnings: Sexytimes within
Spoilers: If it’s aired in the US, then it’s fair game!
Beta: N/A
Disclaimer: Don’t own any of the recognizable character, just taking them out to play!

Spending an evening drinking with Sam and Brittany was a surreal experience. Blaine wasn't exactly sure how Brittany had wound up hanging out with them on a random Saturday, but she had and her conversational gambits were always interesting.

“I miss blow jobs,” she announced suddenly and out of nowhere, causing Blaine to snort whiskey through his nose…which hurt. “I'm really good at them, but Santana and I can't because we are both girls.”

Sam patted her arm consolingly, oddly at ease with his ex, chatting about her current sex life. He made an agreeable noise and Brittany just looked sad, so Blaine blurted, “Me too…giving and getting.”

Sensing an ally, Britney wrapped her arms around Blaine and pulled him close, his face landing against her breasts. He wasn't going to complain, as breasts were nice, warm, comfy and sweet smelling. “At least I get to do other stuff with Santana…We should find you a new boyfriend so you can….”

“I think we should change the topic,” Blaine chuckled. “Don't wanna make Sam uncomfortable.”

Sitting crosslegged beside them, Sam laughed. “I'm fine…And, for the record, I give awesome head.”

That statement caused Blaine's thought processes to screech to a rapid halt, especially when Sam wrapped his lips around the neck of his beer bottle to take a sip.

“Sam Evans!” Brittany crowed, reaching the long arm to poke him in the side. “You're teasing!”

“Nope,” Sam said with a little shrug.

“I don't believe you,” Blaine said, grinning and wagging a finger. “You, my friend, are a straight boy. That means that you do not give blow jobs.”

“I’m open-minded,” Sam said with a sniff. “Not a fan of labels. Hot is hot, you know? The parts are…secondary.”

“Yes,” Brittany agreed, patting Blaine’s hair and nodding as though she knew the secrets of the universe.

“Oh God, this is like some kind of bad joke,” Blaine giggled, hiding part of his face against Britney's chest. “Two pansexuals and a gay guy in a bed….”

Maybe he was drunker than he thought.

“I don't know that joke,” Sam mused, smiling easily and collapsing back on the bed to look up at Blaine.

“I demand proof!” Brittany said suddenly, manhandling Blaine around until he was sitting between her legs, reclining back against her. “Put your mouth where your words are!”

It took a moment for Blaine to realize she was suggesting (demanding) that Sam should blow him. His dick, which had already been a little interested in the conversation, really perked up that idea even as he protested, “Brittany, you can't really expect Sam to just….”

“I don't mind if you don't,” Sam said, pink tongue darting out to wet his lush lower lip.

Blaine gulped, eyes falling to the now damp skin and he asked, “You…you want to….”

Sam's hand landed on his thigh. “Yeah, I do.”

Feeling heat flood his face, Blaine said, “But Brittany….”

“Just gonna watch,” she murmured against his ear.

“Okay,” Blaine breathed in his eyes widened when Sam eased himself over to lay between Blaine's thighs. “Oh, okay.”

Sam's hands were big and warm, stroking up his denim clad thighs, kneading into the muscle. By the time he reached Blaine’s zipper, his cock was straining up against the constricting material and it was a relief to be freed.

“I’ve thought about this,” Sam murmured, running his fingers over Blaine's cotton covered length, stroking gently before giving a squeeze. “Always wondered what you’d look like if I just got down on my knees during Halo or something.”

A little groan escaped Blaine's mouth and Sam glanced up at him, green eyes bright through his eyelashes as he leaned in to mouth at Blaine’s dick. The friction of damp cotton against sensitive skin was almost too good and he gasped, “Sam!”

Brittany was still hugging him from behind, her hands stroking his belly soothingly. “You're both so pretty,” she murmured and, had Blaine been less drunk and less aroused, he probably would've felt awkward, but in the moment he couldn't care less.

Especially not when Sam wrestled his boxer briefs and pants down to his knees and wrapped his hand around Blaine's shaft, giving a brief, dry pump before licking his palm to smooth the action.

Eyes still locked on Blaine's, Sam licked a broad stripe up the underside of his cock, from root to tip before swirling his tongue around the sensitive head. Moaning, Blaine buried his fingers and Sam's hair as he opened his mouth and took about an inch in, tongue flicking at a vein as his hand cupped Blaine’s balls.

He felt Sam take a breath around him before he began sucking hard, swirling his tongue around the tip again. Blaine let out an aborted yelp when Sam swallowed, bobbing his head and taking him deep, short-circuiting Blaine's brain. Acting on impulse, he tugged on Sam's soft hair, hips thrusting into his friend's mouth.

Sam made a little whining noise, throat working around Blaine’s girth. He glanced down and nearly came right there, the site of Sam's pink lips stretched wide around him almost his undoing. That would've been a little embarrassing, so after a few deep breaths, Blaine thrust shallowly, not wanting to choke Sam but desperately needing to do something.

As he appeared to be grinding his cock into the mattress, Blaine got the impression that Sam wasn't put off by his actions.

Brittany nuzzled into his neck, sighing. “Sam's got a great mouth, doesn't he? And he can hold his breath really long time from swimming.”

His eyes nearly crossed at that. Not that he was attracted to Brittany, or girls at all, but for some reason, the idea of Sam burying his face between the long, strong legs currently bracketing Blaine's own hips….

He came with a shout, back arching and he could feel Brittany holding him, could feel Sam choke a little and swallow convulsively, swallowing his cum and oh God, he hadn't expected that….

When he came back to himself, shuddering and panting, Sam still had his mouth on him, licking and sucking him clean. It was too much and Blaine whimpered, tugging at Sam's hair until he released him with an obscenely wet pop.

His lips were red, wet and swollen, a little cum dribbling down his chin, but Sam grinned at him and let his head drop onto Blaine's thigh. “How ya feeling?” he asked, voice rough in a way that sent a pleasant tingle down Blaine’s spine.

“I think you just sucked my brain out through my dick,” he murmured, forcing his fingers to unclench and gently card for Sam's hair. “What about you?”

Sam hummed a bit, leaning into Blaine's touch. “I'm good…I really liked doing that. It was awesome.”

“So awesome,” Brittany agreed and Blaine realize she was rocking her hips, more or less dry humping him through her clothes.

He still couldn't muster the energy to feel embarrassed. Stretching as best as he could with Sam still draped over his legs, Blaine mused, “Is this going to get weird?”

“Do you think it's weird that I want to do it again sometime?” Sam replied, glancing up at him eyes open and hopeful.

“I'd like that,” Blaine murmured, feeling a warm contentment his chest.

“I'm gonna pass,” Brittany said, pressing a chaste kiss Blaine's cheek. “Once was fun, but I don't want Santana to get upset. You two should totally do this again though. It was so sexy.”

Eventually, they realized they had to move and get ready to sleep. Sam kicked off his soiled boxers and jeans, tugging on clean shorts while Blaine simply pulled up his boxer briefs and wiggled out of the rest of his clothes. Brittany appropriated Sam's T-shirt to wear over her panties and three of them passed out, piled together on the bed.

Never before was Blaine so grateful for his absentee parents.

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Title: Driving to Anywhere
Author: kaitlia777
Author's e-mail/website: kaitlia777@yahoo.com
Fandom: Glee
Summary: Written for Day 4 of A Very Blam Christmas ~ Theme: Road Trip
Type / Pairings: Blaine Anderson/Sam Evans
Main characters: Blaine Anderson, Sam Evans
Rating: PG
Warnings: N/A
Spoilers: If it’s aired in the US, then it’s fair game!
Beta: N/A
Disclaimer: Don’t own any of the recognizable character, just taking them out to play!

The all-American tradition of a road trip…Blaine had never really understood the appeal. Sitting in a car for hours on end, eating bad food and listening to whatever questionable radio stations came in (not that that was an issue with iPods, but still, very idea was unfortunate)…it was never high on Blaine’s to-do list.

But seeing Sam's smile was and Sam loved road trips. So, after graduation but before they headed off to college, they tossed bags and Blaine’s car and drove.

A week later, Blaine thought he'd be sick if he ever ate another piece of beef jerky and now knew that Irving gas stations had both the best coffee and cleanest bathrooms one could find on a highway.

He also knew his boyfriend had some kind of ESP that told him if there was a state or county fair within 50 miles.

In seven days, they've stopped it for such spectacles. Up until then, he'd never been to one and he was a bit appalled by the rickety rides and artery clogging foods.

But the rides were fun, if terrifying, and the food (which, according to Sam, did not contain calories because fair food is magic) was incredible.

Fried Snickers bars.

Funnel cake topped with hot apple pie filling, ice cream and caramel.

Cotton candy by the sackful.

Pulled pork sandwiches.

Hamburgers with Krispy Kreme donuts instead of buns.

Sitting at a slightly sticky picnic table, Blaine sipped his frozen lemonade and watched Sam approach, grinning, latest edible acquisition in hand.

“What's this?” he asked, curious. So far, Sam had yet to lead him astray.

“Chocolate covered bacon!” Sam replied smugly as Blaine took the proffered treat.

He wasn't sure how that would work, but he took a bite…and almost moaned. The saltiness of the bacon brought out the chocolates sweet tones perfectly.

Chewing and swallowing, he said, “Have I told you today how much I love you?”

Sam smiled bashfully. “Enjoying the road trip yet?”

Nibbling the bacon, Blaine nodded. “I'm with you. Of course I'm enjoying it.”

Hot, sticky, sweating grease and far too full of heavy food, everything was still perfect when Sam took his hand and said, “I love you too.”

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