kaitlia777 (kaitlia777) wrote in blaine_sam,

Fic prompt meme?

Is there going to be anymore fic prompt memes?

  • Best Prom Ever

    Summary: Blaine has always wanted to go to a school dance with a boy. Preferably a boyfriend, but really, just a boy in general. He yearns to…

  • Let Me Love You, Blaine/Sam {Blam}

    So, yeah. Idk where this came from, I just started shipping Blam really hard out of nowhere. As much as I love Klaine, I actually think Blam would…

  • (no subject)

    Title: It won't be the day. [Someday I'll hope again] 1/2 Author: Queen_mab Summary: He needs to know, he needs to delve into this,…

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